Build MVC sites with PHP 5.3 and up


Pinyon now on GitHub!

Finally I got to it.. The Pinyon framework releases are now available on Github. You can still download them from the site as well but this might change in the future. The Github Page.


Pinyon 0.1.4 Released!

The best version yet! Big changes! Semantic URLs and Writable Custom Config Files and more...
See the full list of  what's new in 0.1.4

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A lightweight MVC framework for PHP

Pinyon is a MVC framework written in PHP. (5.3 or higher required) The Pinyon philosophy: A small core (148K) but functionality is easy extensible by the use of Modules. Pinyon is higly configurable and well suited for dependency injections.


Using Pinyon is thinking in routes. Each route consists of a controller which controlls 0 to n views. I guess we're talking MVC here.

Dependency Injection

Dependency injection can be easily achieved in Pinyon through use of class configuration files. It allows you to switch from one implementation of a class to another at will.


Pinyon will let you rule your inclusions dynamically. Why for example include enormous libraries like jQuery for every web page if you only use it on some of your pages.


Indeed reusable code, Pinyon Modules. Fair, they are still immature and need some handwork to install, but it's a start. Modules also allow you to include 3rd party libraries in your application.


Pinyon comes prepared. Each route can be made accessible for any user or only for known users, or just for admin users. You can build your own authorization around this or use or modify the Pinyon module.

And more..

There's more. Think of logging, classes to represent HTML and I18N support for your international aspirations. Read the full API for a complete view of available functionality in Pinyon.
Showcase: This site itself is build with the Pinyon Framework
Current version 0.1.4 beta Why beta?